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The Tenth Saint

In the heart of the Ethiopian highlands, within an ancient mountain kingdom, lies a secret that could save the earth. Ethiopia's holy men have kept it hidden for centuries, but archaeologist Sarah Weston discovers the obscure inscriptions that could expose it. Caught in a deadly conspiracy, she risks everything - her reputation, her career, her life - to follow her convictions and bring the ancient secret to light and prevent the ultimate destruction.


"The characters are lively, and the story is fast-paced and exciting, especially for inveterate fans of the genre."
- David Pitt, Booklist (January 1, 2012)

"Like 'The Da Vinci Code,' 'The Tenth Saint' takes you to a place you have never been, creating an adventure you will not soon forget."
- Laurence Leamer, New York Times-bestselling author of 'Kennedy Women'

"Fans will enjoy this engaging conspiracy based on the premise that extreme fundamentalists obsess with eliminating those who would interfere by reversing the steps of Revelations ..."
- Harriet Klausner, The Mystery Gazette (January 19, 2012)

"Interesting, intricate and intriguing, 'The Tenth Saint' is an archaeological puzzle the reader can't wait to solve."
- James O. Born, author of 'Burn Zone'

"An impressive and well-researched thrill-ride ... Dark tombs, buried secrets, and apocalyptic prophecies, this book has it all!"
- Ronald Malfi, author of 'The Ascent' and 'Floating Staircase'

"The Tenth Saint is a clever and well-written story which piqued my interest and curiosity. I enjoyed the wicked twist at the end, which I thought brought everything together cleanly. I look forward to more of Ms. Niko's writing!"
- Star Fyre, Bibliophilic Book Blog

"Ms. Niko drew me so deeply into both stories I never saw the answer coming. What a brilliant twist! There are hints along the way and you think “maybe, just maybe” but you just don’t expect that final outcome. ... I was pleased to see that Sarah Weston will be back in another thriller before too long—I wonder how Ms. Niko will surprise me then."
- Gina, Love Romance & More Book Blog

The Tenth Saint