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ODE TO THE PAST (with the occasional nod to the present)

Fifty Shades of Saint

At one of my events recently, someone (I will call her Lady O) contemplating the purchase of my book asked: “Is this anything like Fifty Shades of Grey?”

I laughed. Then I had a “hmm…” moment. Like the rest of the world, I’ve read Fifty Shades—out of curiosity, mind you (ahem). So I put together a little something to answer Lady O’s question. Turns out there are plenty of similarities!

• Rope figures prominently in both. Like the female protagonist in Fifty Shades, Sarah Weston gets tied up in The Tenth Saint. The difference is, Sarah tries to escape.
• “Hands above your head.” Both heroines are ordered to do this, albeit in a radically different context. Unlike Anastasia Steele, Sarah Weston is threatened with real pain (the weapons pointed at Sarah do not—I repeat NOT—have beads at the end) by the men who stalk her. And she gets it, too.
• Speaking of pain … Anastasia gets her share of “punishment.” Sarah gets punished by various men along the way, but none of them have bare chests and tight behinds. And none of them give her arnica cream afterward.
• The dominant male syndrome. In The Tenth Saint, Sarah struggles to break free of the shadow of her powerful, dominant father. Like Christian Grey, Sir Richard Weston needs to be dominant because he’s deeply flawed. As a result, both hurt the women in their lives. Yes, I know it’s different. But still.

Convinced yet? If you don’t believe me, read both side by side and see for yourself. If nothing else, it’s an amusing exercise. ☺
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