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ODE TO THE PAST (with the occasional nod to the present)

The Road

March 1, 2012 is the official debut of The Tenth Saint! Holding this book in my hands, feeling the heft of all 464 pages, feeling the texture of the matte-gloss combination cover, and seeing my vision interpreted through design feels, well ... pretty darned good.

Getting here has been no small journey. It began as a philosophical question, which became a theory, which became a challenge. My husband and I were talking about prophecies (don't even ask me how this came up), especially the apocalyptic variety, and wondered what would happen if these weren't just visions but were actually truths. Did these prophets have foresight ... or hindsight? That served as a premise for an exploration, through words, of what might happen if average people actually knew how and when the end-times would come.

That was the spark. The kindling was already there, gathered after a particularly memorable trip to Ethiopia. The place is in a state of decay, but if you look closely, vestiges of a regal past remain. In Aksum, the ancient mountain kingdom in the north, history--and glory--is palpable. You can't kick the dirt without finding a piece of pottery or a thousand-year-old coin. This fascinated me to no end, and I delved into deeper research.

My passion for the ancient world fanned the flames, and my main characters, archaeologists Sarah Weston and Daniel Madigan, were born.

It took me four years to write the book--partly because I was writing on nights and weekends (I had, and have, a full-time job), partly because I didn't know what I didn't know. I've written non-fiction all my life, but fiction is a whole new animal. It was an education, to say the least. Several rejections, drafts, and workshops (in that order) later, the manuscript was polished and publishable. That was when the good folks at Medallion Press read it and believed in it enough to buy it. And to encourage me to turn it into a series.

So, there you have it. A long, hard road, but ultimately worth it. For me, anyway. I can't wait to hear what you think.

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