ODE TO THE PAST (with the occasional nod to the present)

Medicine in Ancient Times

July 22, 2014

Tags: medicine, asklepios, the tenth saint, ancient healing techniques, archaeology, archaeological thriller, ancient medicine

An article recently posted on biblicalarchaeology.com contemplated the use of medicinal plants and curative techniques in the ancient world. This is a subject I find fascinating, and one I explored in the historical subplot of The Tenth Saint.

How did the ancients combat and prevent disease? And how much of that survives to (more…)

The Queen of Sheba

July 15, 2014

Tags: Queen of Sheba, makeda, the riddle of solomon, ethiopia, gheralta, archaeology, archaeological thriller, gold mines, king solomon

Earlier this year, a British expedition excavating in Gheralta, in the Ethiopian highlands, found what is believed to be the remains of a gold mine operated by the Sabaeans. The clue? A stele marked with Sabaean symbols—namely the sun and crescent moon—and the ruins of a temple.

British archaeologist Louise Schofield led (more…)

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