ODE TO THE PAST (with the occasional nod to the present)

Ancient symbols: The serpent

February 13, 2013

Tags: serpent, snake, duality, ancient egypt, atum, apophis, asclepios, eve, the riddle of solomon

No known symbol represents duality as intensely as the serpent. In the ancient world, snakes had two completely different meanings: heaven and healing, and the underworld and evil. Considering the duality of human nature, perhaps this is not so difficult to comprehend.

The polarity of the serpent first emerged in ancient Egypt. The god (more…)

Ancient symbols: The pentagram

February 13, 2013

Tags: pentagram, pentacle, five-pointed star, endless knot, the riddle of solomon, pentalpha, divine number five, king solomon's ring, pythagoras

It has been associated with perfection, the five elements, the five wounds of Jesus, and even witchcraft. The pentagram, also called the pentacle or pentalpha, is a manifestation of the divine number five, which has been revered since ancient times.

The Babylonians used the pentagram as a sign of protection. In ancient Israel, it (more…)

Ancient symbols: The ankh

February 13, 2013

Tags: ankh, crux ansata, coptic cross, ancient symbols, eternal life

As readers of my work have probably surmised, I am fascinated by ancient symbols. They represented (and many still do) meaningful entities or concepts--the sun, life, death, fertility, nature and so forth--and were often the manifestation of the sacred and the mystical. These symbols tell us much about ancient societies and their ways of (more…)

Ancient symbols: The Labyrinth

February 13, 2013

Tags: ancient symbols, labyrinth, the tenth saint, minoan labyrinth, chartres

The labyrinth, which has been in existence since ancient times and reached mythical status in the medieval ages, is steeped in symbolism.

Though the Minoan labyrinth in Crete is the most famous in antiquity, the pattern has been used by many civilizations at different points of their development. You see it on cave walls (more…)

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