ODE TO THE PAST (with the occasional nod to the present)

Ancient Medicinal Herbs

July 29, 2012

Tags: ancient healing, herbs, ethnobotany, the tenth saint, bedouins, gabriel

The ancients knew much about healing. They may not have had little white pills at their disposal, but they had nature’s pharmacy. Herbs cured everything from fevers to fertility.

While researching ethnobotany for the historical subplot of The Tenth Saint, in which Gabriel learns the art of healing from a Bedouin sheik, I (more…)

Unearth a hot summer read!

July 9, 2012

Tags: The Tenth Saint, South Beach, Miami

In the spirit of the archaeological theme of my books, we are running a fun campaign for readers (and potential readers) of The Tenth Saint. Over the summer, we will be "burying" books in various locations and offering clues to treasure seekers via Twitter and Facebook (follow us on Twitter, @djnikobooks and like The (more…)

The Lost Ark

July 5, 2012

Tags: ark of the covenant, king solomon, queen of sheba, menelik I, aksum, ethiopia, coptic christianity, knights templar, temple mount, the tenth saint

Where is the lost Ark of the Covenant? The question has inspired dozens of claims, hundreds of theories, and even an Indiana Jones flick (Raiders of the Lost Ark).

No one knows, of course, which makes the lost ark the stuff of legend as much as biblical record. Is it buried beneath Temple Mount? (more…)

Fifty Shades of Saint

July 2, 2012

Tags: The Tenth Saint, Sarah Weston, Fifty Shades of Grey

At one of my events recently, someone (I will call her Lady O) contemplating the purchase of my book asked: “Is this anything like Fifty Shades of Grey?”

I laughed. Then I had a “hmm…” moment. Like the rest of the world, I’ve read Fifty Shades—out of curiosity, mind you (ahem). So (more…)

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