ODE TO THE PAST (with the occasional nod to the present)

All about the kids

February 24, 2012

Tags: Delray Achievement Center, The Tenth Saint, literacy, writing

I couldn't be more excited about this. On March 12, I will be speaking to a group of teens at the Delray Achievement Center about writing, reading and why literacy matters.

The Delray Achievement Center targets kids from deteriorating neighborhoods, and helps break the cycle of poverty, and all the ills that come with it, (more…)

Order of the Cross

February 14, 2012

Tags: The Tenth Saint, cross, Michelle Farmer, cross pendant

I am so excited about this collaboration. Jewelry designer Michelle Farmer is working with me to create a custom pendant based on the cover design of The Tenth Saint. I wanted to do this to commemorate the publication of my debut novel.

I had never (more…)

Fan Mail

February 11, 2012

Tags: Ethiopian, Coptic Christianity, The Tenth Saint, archaeological thriller

Today I got my very first piece of fan mail. It was a super-sincere note (yes, hand-written!) by a reader who enjoyed The Tenth Saint, particularly the descriptions of Ethiopian (Coptic) Christianity. He said it sent him to his computer to learn more. That was music to my ears. Anytime we read something that (more…)

The Road

February 6, 2012

Tags: The Tenth Saint, Sarah Weston, Daniel Madigan, Aksum, Ethiopia, prophecies, apocalypse

March 1, 2012 is the official debut of The Tenth Saint! Holding this book in my hands, feeling the heft of all 464 pages, feeling the texture of the matte-gloss combination cover, and seeing my vision interpreted through design feels, well ... pretty darned good.

Getting here has been no small journey. It began as a philosophical question, (more…)

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