Daphne Nikolopoulos, aka D.J. Niko (photography by Lauren Lieberman/LILA Photo)


"THE JUDGMENT is a new venture for Niko and she does not disappoint. Admittedly Iím a fan of well written and particularly well researched historical fiction. Niko relates her historical facts with an intriguing story, one that draws you in and keeps you turning the pages."
--Love, Romances & More blog

"Ms. Niko is an incredible writer who really knows how to get us involved with all the characters as if we were living with them. Get ready, there is a lot going on in this book. I think it is a true winner. Intrigue, mystery, danger, and double crosses are all ingredients in this page turning adventure. Ms. Niko does a great job of making us feel that we are there and living the events rather than just reading about them. I enjoyed this book and would really like to see them make this into a movie, it is that good."
--Vic's Media Room blog

"Thereís a good, solid story here, but the real attraction is the authorís development of the relationship between Sarah and Daniel. ... [The] story arc involving the seriesí two lead characters enriches each book and makes the series more than just a collection of independent thrillers." --David Pitt, Booklist

"A superbly crafted novel and a riveting read from beginning to end, 'The Oracle' (Book 3 of the Sarah Weston Chronicles) clearly denotes author D. J. Niko as an original and exceptionally skilled storyteller of the first order." --Midwest Book Review

"Niko has such as vast knowledge of the ancient world and I am perpetually amazed at just how much she knows! Her knowledge and research brings authenticity and wonder to the story." --The Lit Bitch blog

"Action, adventure, romance and historical mystery- who could ask for more? The Oracle is a great read." --James O. Born, author of Scent of Murder

"This highly original mystery has several layers and dimensions. ... The present-day scenes add extremely effective descriptions of action, including passages of danger, violence and cruelty, that build suspense, allow it to relax and then build it even higher." --Phil Jason, Ph.D., Florida Weekly

"Itís clear that D.J. Niko has discovered the key for writing clever archaeological mysteries that entertain and conscientiously inform at the same time." --Kate Atherton, For Winter Nights blog, UK

Selected Works

Historical Fiction
A story of passion and betrayal, faith and sacrifice, and the fall of an empire.
Sarah Weston uncovers a long-lost Greek artifact--and a plot to build the ultimate terrorist weapon.
Sarah Weston races to uncover an ancient message with explosive implications for modern Israel.
The first in a series of archaeological thrillers featuring gritty aristocrat Sarah Weston.

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